By downloading these files you accept our terms of license as the only valid conditions. 

New EU General Data Protection Regulation:
With the downloading these files you explicitly agree revocable that Manthei-Mess-Systeme/CartWinPro will send information via email or fax to you.

  1. Download the CW35DATAPRO.EXE file. (Attention, this is a large file!)

  2. Close your CartWinPro.
  3. For the installation of the files and the pictures start CW35DATAPRO.EXE
  4. The installation software will ask you for your data directory. If you have used the default settings on the installation you do not have to change anything. Otherwise please check the location of your data directory
    - in the lower right status line of your CartWinPro window or
    - with "File"-> "Database Directory" -> see "the old CartWin directory is"
  5. The installation program will copy the data files and pictures to your hard drive and your CartWinPro is up to date.
  6. Keep a copy of the CW35DATAPRO.EXE file in a safe place!


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